January 8, 2010

Naughty Pony

Why is it that the bay horses in our barn are the ones that cause the most mischief?! I went outside today to let horses out only to find Sweet Pea the pony waiting for me by the door! All around her were up-ended manure buckets, brushes, shovels, and manure where it didn't belong. Somehow she found a way to get herself untied from the tie stall - or was it Gillette that reached over and helped her escape? Now that would not be a surprise...anyone want to buy a pony?

Just a dusting of snow this morning, enough to make the barnyard look pretty, and slippery underfoot. Terry has been in Pennsylvania for a few days already, and today he is at the special sale. Of the 33 horses he took in, all but two (a black team) sold. We'll see what comes home with him tomorrow.


  1. Lovely images and lovely horses. Thanks for following my blog. I shall be back here a lot more now. :)

    And not only bay horses cause mischief. I had a dark horse Kit who could slide the bolt on her stall and I'd come to the barn to find chaos and her eating chicken layer out of the bag...

  2. we had to put a combination lock on a Saddlebred's stall!