January 2, 2010

2010 Predictions?

If you are at all superstitious, 2010 should be a busy year for carriage rides, and a snowy winter, too! New Years Day we were at Wadsworth Mansion in Middletown, a venue we have been doing for many, many years now. Unlike years past, which have offered a steady stream of visitors, this year there were torrents of people! The traffic up the long driveway and in the parking lots created conditions much like New York City's Broadway and 42nd Street (I don't exaggerate too much — I did live in the city for 8 years, after all). The lines were long, and people waited hours to get on the carriages. None seemed disappointed, however, and we went an hour into overtime to accommodate everyone. Another one of our favorite jobs, I hope it is an indication for a very busy, happy year of carriage rides!

Meanwhile, back at the farm, it is snowing like mad again today. We left horses out last night thinking the snow wouldn't start until noon today, but were surprised to wake up to at least two inches of snow. Out in the paddocks were Danny & Dakota, playing with their feed buckets. Yesterday, we discovered Dakota playing with Danny's halter! It is definitely Dakota who has the smarts to unbuckle buckles — those giant lips of his are surprisingly agile!

We hope to be booking sleigh rides for the coming week, as the snow conditions are just perfect right now. Give us a call if you would like to take a ride!

Photos: Top: Danny & Dakota playing with their buckets in today's early morning snow.
Middle: Wadsworth Mansion Carriage Rides, New Years Day
Bottom: Dakota, with Danny's halter underfoot. Before snapping this picture, he was mauling the halter like a dog would, flopping it up and down!

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  1. My Dakota (a Belgian draft mare) has the habit of pulling her blanket off the bar and tossing it into the aisle when her door's open. It seems great fun to her - not as much fun for me. And my friend's Percheron cross is a fan of destroying his pasturemates' fly masks. Expensive hobby, but sure can be funny to watch them.