December 31, 2009

Banty Condo

It's New Year's Eve. Snowy day here, about four inches. After much deliberation, Terry and I made the decision not to send out two trucks, trailers and teams for contracted rides. We felt the trip in the storm (and we would have been on the road in the middle of the storm) was too much of a risk for our horses, our equipment, our people and ourselves.

Before the storm hit, we unloaded about 75 bales of hay into the loft that Terry brought back last night. My best present were the banties Terry brought back for me - yellow, light red, silver and multi-colors! They are happy in their condo, shared with Poof Chicken. Tonight, 24 hours after their introduction to their new home, we decided to offer a little red hen to our English Game rooster, Herman. Terry had to crawl through the small door to get at her, as all these new chickens are roosting in the loft I spoke about in an earlier post! Herman pecked at her mercilessly, so we removed her and sent her back to the condo!

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