December 6, 2009

Holiday Cheer Continues

Friday into Saturday we found ourselves with multiple vehicles and teams in many different locations. Friday night, as per a years long tradition, we had two carriages in Deep River for their annual tree lighting and town caroling. Always a delightful venue, the carriages were packed all night long, giving Duke and Diesel and Dolly and Lincoln a good workout.

Saturday, in spite of very chilly rain, Terry and I were in Middletown again. Santa, always practical, closed up shop early once the rain became too steady and started to pull down his beard. Wise decision, as we were getting soaked, too. Meanwhile, Karl and Sue had Lincoln and Dolly in Bloomfield, only in the snow!

Speaking of snow, we are selling lots of sleigh ride gift certificates ('tis the season) and naturally got calls yesterday for sleigh rides. Unfortunately, there was not enough snow this time - we need a minimum of 5" of good quality snow to do sleigh rides.

Photos: Top: Duke, Diesel, Dolly and Lincoln in Deep River
Bottom: Duke and Diesel in Middeltown, with Santa

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