December 22, 2009

A Day in the Sunshine, with Snow

December 22, and it is Terry's birthday! Lemon meringue pie and a framed print of an illustration I did of him in our sleigh were his presents today. He hardly looks a day older.

Today Terry brought the Ford 550 up to Plainfield to have some work done. Oil change, transmission fluid, fuel filter - not sure what else. Total cost: over $450.00.

Hay Diaries: Yesterday morning, Monday December 21, two round bales were taken out of the large trailer and put into the paddocks. It was a very sunny morning and, as is evident by the above pictures, ALL the horses, ponies included were happy to be out in the snow, with an unlimited supply of sweet sustenance in front of them! At night, in the barn, they are getting their usual ration of grain, water, and just one or two flakes of hay.

Photos: Top: Dolly and the bays waste no morning energy - they just EAT.
Second: Our mini, Raj, is literally belly deep in the snow.
Third: Sweat Pea enjoys a roll in the snow after being "barn-bound" for two days.
Bottom: The greys, vying with each other for the best mouthful of a new bale.

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