December 28, 2009

Poof Chicken is Back!

After the big snow storm last Saturday/Sunday, Poof Chicken disappeared. Thinking at first she may be hiding, then day after day not seeing her anywhere, we feared she was gone for good. Yesterday, after the rain which rid the ground of all the snow, she suddenly appeared to us in the barn! She was dirty, disheveled, and very, very hungry, but happy to see us (and we, her). I scooped her up and put her in the new "Little Chicken Condo" Terry brought back from Pennsylvania for me, and she had herself a feast.

This chicken condo is fabulous. Sturdy, with a steep, shingled roof, it has two large rooms - covered, outdoor recreation room and a large master suite with large windows, a separate entrance, and a comfy straw bed. It also has a loft above the master suite for a chicken to sneak away for some "quiet time" (if she dares). Poof Chicken will be accepting room-mates in a few days - a small family of Amish banty hens.

The Christmas holiday was wonderful (except for our Christmas morning mayhem, which we won't repeat here), and Sunday was back to business as usual. Because of their Christmas wilding, we decided Danny & Dakota needed to do some community service, and we put them to work on a country carriage ride. We trotted them most of the way, and cantered them in the hilly spots, and when they got back to the barn, all thoughts of escaping in the night were worked out of their cute little heads.

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