December 19, 2009

Vineyard Ride in the Cold

Thursday was unbelievably bitter cold here, with wind chills in the single digits. Wouldn't you know, we had a group dinner ride to the vineyard! It was so cold, we came back home instead of waiting for the group there (luckily - they were there better than three hours!) and stayed by the fire in the house. Duke & Diesel stood quietly at the hitching post the whole time.

Terry tells of a funny story from that day: "One of the women gets out of the car, dressed in high heels and a fur coat, and begins talking to me. She suddenly looks towards the horses in their paddocks and says, "OH! What is THAT?!" and I say, "What is what?" She points to the paddock and says, "THAT! That white thing! It's moving!" I then realized what she meant. "That's a chicken!" I said. "A Chicken! OH! It has a white poof on it's head!" So I said, "Yes, it is a Poof Chicken!" We both laughed. Really, it's just our silky hen."

Photos: Top: Our "Poof Chicken"
Middle: Duke & Diesel wait patiently at the hitching rail.
Bottom: Duke, Diesel and Terry at the vineyard.

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