December 26, 2009

Day After Christmas

Some folks spend the Day After Christmas lounging around, enjoying the day off (such as our dogs, Penny & Moses, and Charlee the cat). Other folks (like those humans at Cedar Knoll Farm) have friends over to try out ponies and horses. Whitney's grandparents, Patty & Dale, brought her by to get on Sweet Pea and try her under saddle. For a four year old (Sweet Pea, that is, not Whitney) she did very well, and shows herself to be a very sensible, fast learner. We really like this pony!
Photos: Top: Penny, Charlie & Moses, relaxing on the couch. (The Holidays, as you know, can be very vexing times for a pair of coon hounds and a house cat).
Bottom: Whitney riding Sweet Pea. It would be nice if we had appropriate tack for these ponies that come here, but we are a carriage business, not riding stable!

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