December 20, 2009

Major Snow Storm

Since 8PM last night, Connecticut, and our area in particular, has been hammered by a major snow storm. At this point, just 12 hours after its start, we have approximately 20 inches of snow on the ground, and the flakes keep falling. Doubtful that we will get the sleigh out today - we will have a tremendous amount of work just trying to get ourselves plowed out!

It is such a comfort knowing we have such a nice barn where all our horses can be cozy, warm and safe during such a storm. Not all horses are so lucky. We cancelled one of our rides yesterday, because we would not have been home until after midnight, well after the storm was predicted to hit. It was a smart decision. Middletown went as planned, only with the bitter cold, Santa let us go home a half hour early. Once home, we unharnessed horses, brought the others in, fed everyone, and loaded our basement with three loads of firewood from our pile. Yet another wise decision, as our pile is under that 20 inches of snow now. The chickens and peacocks were bedded down in their coops, fresh warm water and plenty of scratch to keep them happy. The goats were fed in their hutch, and although I haven't been outside yet, I know they are hunkered down together, peaking out the door, staying dry and warm. And that is what we will do, at least until the snow stops around noon time - remain hunkered down by the fire in our wood stove, content to know we have plenty of wood to keep us warm.

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