December 25, 2009

Merry (bleepin') Christmas

Courtesy of Danny & Dakota, what was to be our peaceful Christmas morning turned tense. We spent hours hustling to clean the barn, trashed by these two horses that got out of their stalls in the night. Manure and urine was everywhere, bales of hay lying in it. Marks on the steps up to the hay loft could be seen where one of them tried to walk up the stairs. Raj, the mini, had obviously been tormented. Tonight everyone is back in the barn with the threat of freezing rain, and already we have switched horses around twice. Securing one team in a new location means upset for another. Lincoln, always the aggressor, has ousted the pony to be isolated in the box stall, after causing a fight with Dakota standing next to him, nearly crushing Terry. I dread waking up tomorrow.

Photos: Top: Terry in the barn assessing the damage.
Bottom: Raj rolling, scratching away the bad memory of Danny & Dakota's spree of Christmas mayhem.

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