December 20, 2009

Digging Out of Albert

As is evident by the top picture, Albert the snow storm sure did dump a lot of fluffy snow on us! Already since blogging this morning we have gotten calls for sleigh rides - but, digging out of this mess is a priority for us today. Once the snow stopped at noon, I put all the horses out, one by one, as Terry worked (and still works) to clear the driveways. No easy task at a farm where the barnyard is big enough for multiple tractor trailers to turn round in.

Once the horses hit the snow, it was down to roll then up to buck and kick and run! Dakota, one of the bays, in typical Dakota fashion never even made it to the paddock for his first roll - he rolled in the barnyard while I was leading him out to the paddock! I will be making some paintings and illustrations from photos I took and will upload them at another time on my art blog, The Hopyard Press, so keep a lookout. Meanwhile, here are a few photos to enjoy.

Photos: Top: Terry on the tractor, with our big tractor/trailer snowed in behind him.
Second: The five Percherons, waiting patiently to go out.
Third: Lincoln running through the snow.
Bottom: Danny and Dolly enjoying a good roll in the snow!

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