December 13, 2009

Jingle Bells Through Hartford Streets

It is Sunday night, and we are in the house by the fire, done with chores and Christmas wagon ride. Although the rides (in Hartford, at a venue we have been at for years now) started off under cloudy skies, the rain took over and the rides ended early. Still, all in all, the rides went very well and we enjoyed seeing everyone again. In spite of the rain, the weather was warm - a good 15 degrees warmer than yesterday!

This weather wreaks havoc on horses. So many people we know are having trouble with their horses' health when the weather goes from 60 degrees to snow storm to wind chills in the single digits, back up to well above the freezing mark. Our good friends Patty & Dale, who have bought two wonderful horses from us (Michael & Mary), are tonight trying to get some sleep after a 24 hour ordeal with colic. Michael, we are told, is resting comfortably at Tufts Equine Hospital, and we hope and pray he comes home very soon, and without stomach upset!

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  1. Your thoughts and continuous support are so appreciated and I believe good thoughts have powerful value in healing, we are grateful for that and hopeful. Thank you so much.