December 9, 2009

Although I have no pictures to prove it, today we had our first snow storm of the season. This meant that last night, every horse on the property was in the barn (well, my pony, Sweet Pea, had to stay in the trailer, for lack of one extra stall). We have a BIG black team of sale horses here, but one is unfortunately lame. Terry will take them back to PA next week.

Tonight, these blacks, Sweet Pea, Raj and the four grays are in the barn - the grays because they are blanketed, and a short but soaking rain storm came through after putting them out tonight, getting their blankets wet. It took Peter (our barn help), me, and Terry better than two hours to clean the barn after 24 hours of well fed horses being indoors - I'm sure you get the picture.

Photos: Top: Raj the Mini, before the snow.
Middle: One of the big blacks.
Bottom: Dakota and Danny, snug before the storm. They are stalled in a team-wide tie stall at the end of the barn.

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