November 15, 2010

"A Connecticut Christmas" to Remember

November 14 was "A Connecticut Christmas" to remember. Or, should I say, a day to remember because of A Connecticut Christmas! Diane Smith's new book hit the shelves with a book launching and signing at RJ Julia's Booksellers on Main Street in Madison last night. Because we are profiled in her newest edition about the many ways of celebrating our favorite holiday in Connecticut, we were present with Lincoln and the sleigh on wheels, helping to bring good cheer and customers into the store! Children rushed to Lincoln's side for a pat and a picture. Many a Christmas card was likely made that evening as well. How often do you see a horse and sleigh on Main Street anymore? Diane Smith signed unlimited copies of the book and droves of people went away smiling, with personalized copies — many of which, I am sure, will be tucked away until opened again on Christmas Day. OK, everyone, take a deep breath: 'tis the season already!

Photos: Top: The cover of the book (click on the title of this blog to order the book on-line from the publisher).
Middle: Janet Pecknpaugh, Diane Smith, and friend pose with Lincoln in front of the book store.
Bottom: It didn't feel like winter: unusually warm weather brought out the dragon flies for one last hurrah!

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