November 1, 2010

A Halloween Wedding

What else would you expect at a wedding held the day before Halloween, but a delightful couple with wonderfully eccentric tastes? Saturday's bride and groom, Karla & Frank, rode in a horse and carriage while their wedding party followed them to the reception in a HUMMER limo, easily 38 feet long or more. This limo, from a company in New York City, holds 24 passengers in it's opulent interior. As always, this wedding procession caused quite the stir with locals and passersby!

Photos: Top: The wedding ceremony took place at a church that looks like a castle. Middle: Our bride and groom looked gorgeous! Many of their guests did, too ~ some arrived in costume, including full Medieval body armor! Bottom: Duke and Diesel seem to be magnets for custom built HUMMERS!

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  1. What wonderful memories and way to start a beautiful life together!