November 8, 2010

Quality of Light and Life

This morning, we awoke to the sound of sleet and the sight of snow on the ground. Shortly thereafter, the first accident of the season happened in front of our house when a rather substantial pick-up truck hit a utility pole, toppling it. Our little corner of the world is a magnet for a) speeders that don't know any better and b)accidents waiting to happen to speeders who don't know any better. Six hours later and there is a new utility pole standing, and someone's lovely black crew cab is in a diesel garage somehwere.

If we lived like our forefathers, without newscasters and weathermen, last night would not have given us any indication that we would awake to February weather. The sunset was beyond spectacular — the light quality on the receiving side of the woods took my breath away, and reminded me that it is a long time coming for grabbing the pastels or oils and doing some plein air painting. Phone calls, paperwork, barn chores, visitors, getting carriages ready for the holiday rides which, by the way, all start next weekend, and I find there is so little time to be doing what I was once known for — painting. Something has to give here. When the quality of light is so intense on our little farm, my spirit soars and I make quiet resolutions to myself. Here is hoping that by the New Year, the quality of light will give back some Quality of Life.

Photos:Top: My little jumping bean, Ledger, really knows how to express happiness: bounce!
Middle: The quality of light as the sun sets behind us can be nothing short of magnificent.
Bottom: Lincoln and team mates against the backdrop of a cool-weather sunset.

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