November 8, 2010

Leila and Jessie

How impossible is it to take a picture of Leila and Jessie, both looking forward at the same time? Their stars are nearly identical but I never seem to be able to snap the picture fast enough before one of them moves. So like children! We are marveling at how big they are getting. And at how quiet the two are. They will make lovely team mates!

Photos: Top and 2nd: Catching Leila laying down in her stall, Terry decides he'll train her to ride.
Middle: Leila and Jessie don't stand still together long enough to get a "formal" picture of their two faces!
Bottom: As Tanto leaves to go to his new home, the fillies wish him a fond farewell.

1 comment:

  1. They're beautiful! HOw on earth can you tell them apart now? I know the stars are slightly different, but they look sooo similar.

    I guess the trick to get their rapt attention is food, like most animals. Kit, my horse, would do anything I wanted if there was sweet feed involved. :)