September 13, 2009

Chatham Park and Remington

Saturday's wagon rides took place at Chatham Park in East Haven. It is a job we have been doing for many years and is always very enjoyable.

After the rides we swung by the town of Salem to pick up a new Blue Tick Hound named Remington. He is adjusting to coon hound life here very well and, so far, our other two coon hounds don't seem to have much issue with him. At 8 months old, he is already every bit as big as
Penny and towers over two year old Moses - he will be big!

Photos: Top: Chatham Park wagon rides. Middle: Moses and Remington playing together on the kitchen floor. Bottom: Penny (R) and Remington (L), our two Blue Ticks. Notice the color variation in the twoo dogs.

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