September 10, 2009

Our Wedding 09/09/09

After nearly 10 years, Terry and I finally made it official and got married on September 9, 2009. It was a very small gathering of friends and immediate family at one of our favorite places, the vineyard in Lisbon. Naturally, Duke & Diesel carried us there in our black vis-a-vis. Shown here with us is our friend Patty Naegeli officiating.


  1. Congrats! May you continue to be happy as you have been! Best Wishes!
    Susan Richmond, RI

  2. Congrats! May you have a life time of joy and happiness. Best wishes!
    Peggy Foster, RI

  3. You guys are so good together - the quote of best friends sounds so true for you. We are soo happy for you and so honored to share the beauty of the moment with you!