September 8, 2009

Labor Day 2009

Monday (Labor Day) was no vacation day for us! The day started off with visitors to the shop (quite a few throughout the day, actually). We hooked up our Lincoln to a spring wagon we have for sale and demonstrated it. We are happy to report it now has a good home along side a Percheron mare we sold over a year ago. After our morning ride with Lincoln, we had regular chores to complete and a half-load of hay to put up into the loft. Then, horses to bathe and the carriage to clean, decorate and load for the afternoon's wedding at both Harkness Park in Waterford and the Shennetucket Country Club in Groton. All in all, a very productive day, with lovely weather besides.

Photos: Top: The bride & groom take their dogs along for pictures after the ceremony at the Harkness Park amphitheater.
Bottom: Along the Long Island Sound waterfront at Harkness.

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