September 27, 2009

Vacation from the Blog ONLY

It has been better than two weeks since we last blogged from the farm - and it has been very, very busy here! So much has been happening - Skeeter sold to a real nice man in South Carolina (we KNOW he'll have a good home there!) and his owner came up for a two day, intensive workshop to learn how to drive and care for Skeeter. We held another workshop, and this time a man from North Carolina spent a full week with us, learning the ropes of the carriage industry in order to obtain a license in Asheville to run his own company. In between it all, we have had weddings and carriage rides, put new shoes on most of our horses, trimmed and otherwise groomed horses for the fall schedule, had visitors to the farm and shop, and started Scott's Orchard in Glastonbury, going into its third week. Be sure to visit us there!

We don't anticipate much of a break until after New Year's!

Photos: Top: Terry with helper Christine on the wagonette shuttling people at vineyard wedding.
Second: Lincoln on the vis-a-vis at the same wedding.
Third: Skeeter with his new owner, Alvin.
Fourth: Casey from North Carolina learning the carriage trade.
Fifth: At the sub base, giving rides for "Oktoberfest".
Sixth: Scott's Orchard, one of our favorite places to be in Autumn!

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