September 7, 2009

Just for the Birds

My new silky hen pretty much keeps to herself at this point. She seems very shy and timid, and stays around the coop most of the day. In due time, however, she will assimilate herself in with the rest of my flock. Our peacocks and quail now have a large, airy run, with plenty of sand and natural habitat to keep them busy and happy. Shown here are our baby peacocks - the brown one will hopefully turn into a blue & green; the grey one will be white & silver. With any luck, they will both be males.

Last night was business as usual for us, but with a twist - no horses. We had a Sweet 16 in Wallingford with our sleigh on wheels for a "winter wonderland" themed party. This photo shows the birthday girl, Jessica, with her court of boys, five girls and her escort.

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