March 26, 2010


Lovely Alex has left us and gone to a new home! We have a feeling that his new owner, Kyle, will see to it that he reaches hi full potential as a riding horse and, most importantly, will take good care of him and love him! Although most of the horses that come here to Cedar Knoll Farm are exceptional, Alex was particularly special. We hope Alex and his new owner, Kyle, will have many long, happy years together, on the trail and in the show ring!

Speaking of Kyle, he is offering his drop dead gorgeous, well trained paint gelding for sale. You can read more about this horse on our website Call us if interested and we will give you Kyle's contact information. We are happy to help Kyle sell his horse (he wanted to "move up" from a light horse to a draft horse!) without commission, so there are no hidden fees for the buyer where we are concerned. This is your chance to buy a professionally trained (Tangletree out of Colchester) Western Pleasure horse, always in the ribbons! Call us 860-376-8110.

Photos: Top two: Kyle and his paint gelding, a show quality horse with professional training. Call us if interested - this fine gelding is for sale!
Bottom two: Kyle and Alex: Alex is not only a good riding horse, but his temperament is exceptional! He is shown here playing with a large ball in an indoor down the street from us.

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