March 19, 2010

Four Horses

Terry got back late Wednesday night and by 10AM Thursday morning, we were showing the four horses he bought out in Ohio to potential buyers.

The grey team, named Pete & Prince, were really put to the test. Pulling logs, on the busy road with traffic, they are a terrific team for farm work or commercial work, or both. Alex, the one-time stud, is just gorgeous and easy tempered. Because he was just castrated, we won't allow him to be ridden or driven till next weekend, to give him time to heal. The Amish Black, who Terry named Poncho, was ridden in the afternoon. Another sweet tempered, willing horse, for riding and driving.

If you are interested in any of these horses, visit our website for more information (click on the title above on this blog to go there directly) or call us 860-376-8110.

Photos: Top: Prince & Pete
Second: Poncho
Third: Alex
All other photos are Pete & Prince

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