March 5, 2010

Hay Diaries

The weather has been very strange here in Connecticut the last few days. Snow, sleet , drizzle, nothing that amounts to much but just blah. Horses have been in and out of the barn, eating square bales. Last night, taking our cue from the weather man, we left six drafts out, and added round bales to their paddocks. These are the bales we are not particularly happy with, as they aren't baled tight and the horses eat right through them.

My little girl is spreading her wings today. Taking flight after her brother in Manhattan, she is taking the train to meet up with him and spend the weekend, doing what real New Yorkers do, I suppose. Tomorrow is a fashion shoot, and Maeg will get a taste of the industry through her brother's eyes. I hope she has fun.

And speaking of bejeweled birds taking flight - I would like to share one of the blogs that I, personally, am very fond of following: Beautiful, soulful, and inspiring.

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