March 18, 2010

Sharing Wednesday

Wednesday, while waiting for Terry to come home (friend Karl took off and rescued him from the Hinterlands of Pennsylvania), Maegan and I did Winery Tours, then chores together afterwards. It was an exquisite day, both in terms of weather and satisfaction of a job well done. Thought I would share the email we got from a couple that took a winery tour:

"Just wanted to drop a note to everyone involved in a very special 25th wedding anniversary for my Diana and me.
I was looking for a way to surprise her with something unique. I truly found it.
The weather was perfect. Without my wife knowing what was going to happen, we drove into Cedar Knoll Farm, Lisbon, CT., Although we were about 15 minutes early, a horse and carriage awaited my "princess". We gathered our things and the camera and headed out. She was thrilled, it was special...
A horse and buggy ride on beautiful day in a beautiful part of CT.
But wait. there is more.......
If the ride wasn't enough of a special surprise... . After about 20 minutes the carriage pulled into Heritage Trail Winery . Were they had been expecting us. Elaine at Cedar Knoll prearranged everything. A wine and cheese tasting.
On arrival, we were asked were we would like to sit, Since it was about 60F or so outside and beautiful sun shiny day, we wanted to enjoy the outdoors. We sat on the out door patio. Only one thing missing... A fire in the fire pit. Chef Harry to the rescue, he immediately arranged for our fire. It was awesome, the perfect touch.
The wines (6) that we tasted were presented and explained perfectly. I still find whites to be my favorite. Although a few of the reds did perk up my taste buds.
And the cheese plate looked too good to eat. But Chef informed us it was ok to do so, in fact the orchid garnish was even edible. We opted to save them for some unique photos. Diana has an awesome eye, I can show the picts to prove it.
Well, after about 45 minutes or so we climbed back up onto our carriage, parasol in hand and headed off into the sunset. LITERALLY. I was spectacular. Elaine and Meagan were the perfect drivers and we enjoyed learning about them and the their farm. Meagan even showed us around the farm and enjoyed introducing us to the other horses. We already knew Duke and Diesel from our ride.
A great experience. And I even managed to surprise my EXTRA special Wife.
Thank YOU ALL - Ron Johnson"

In spite of the hardships we sometimes endure, times like these make this business very satisfying!

Photos: Top: Maegan helping with chores.
Middle: Duke, and his sympathetic eye.
Bottom: Maegan takes the reins and waits at the winery.

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