March 2, 2010

Just Another Busy Weekend

This past weekend brought the end to Frigid February with relatively warm temperatures and a schedule almost as busy as an October weekend. Saturday we had better than 50 people here, mostly kids from the Rhode Island 4-H, to learn about draft horses. What a terrific bunch! We love passing on knowledge to our youth, in the hopes they will someday protect the breeds of draft horses we care so deeply for.

Sunday was to be hectic and downright crazy, but a last minute postponement left Terry and me with just one job - a birthday party at the winery. We won't talk just yet about the incredible "assignment" that was supposed to happen first on Sunday, then Monday. We are hoping it happens next week. We'll tell more when it finally happens!

Hay Diary: Saturday morning, February 27, the four grays got a round bale. Really, it was just Gillette and Lincoln that got it, as Duke & Diesel were not put back out until Monday morning. Meanwhile, Danny & Dakota still have hay from their original bale from last week. I anticipate both paddocks will need new round bales Wednesday morning. We are pleased with how long Danny & Dakota's bale lasted, but very disappointed with the grays'. If my calculations are correct, that bale was costlier to feed than square bales. Dolly & the sale horse continue to eat square bales, since they are in separate paddocks and when horses are in the barn, square bales are fed out, too.

Photos: Top: Danny & Dakota get a power wash in preparation for Sunday's jobs.
Bottom: At the winery - carriage rides for 70 guests.

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