March 22, 2010

Saturday into Sunday

What a time we are having trying to get our F550 fixed. Who would have ever thought, just 18 months since buying this brand new truck, that we would have gone through five radiators and a new engine already? The truck is still on the West Virginia line, waiting for the go-ahead from Ford headquarters to get that new engine. We are beyond the end of our rope at this point, but gratefully, the heavy carriage season hasn't started yet (come beginning of April, though, it will!)

 Neighbor Nichole stopped in with her Percheron, Charley and a friend on Saturday evening, and I felt obliged to put their picture on our blog. Charley is one of the tallest horses you'll ever meet - close to 19HH. On Sunday, we headed to Colchester and, with help from friends Patty, Dale and Karl, took down and cut up nearly one dozen trees, some small, others gigantic. It was a very successful day, in that we spent it doing an honest day's work, with the company of friends and winter fuel as our reward.

Photo: Top: Nichole from Lisbon Country Stables and her friend stopped by with Charley just to say "hi".
Bottom: Dale, Karl and Terry cutting up one of the big oaks we took down at our property in Colchester.

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