June 26, 2009

Norman on Friday

Norman, outside this afternoon and looking happy!

I came home from running errands today, only to be greeted by Norman in the backyard. Terry had decided he needed to get out into the sunshine again, and left him on the lawn without a halter. Of course, he didn't think he would get far.

Terry spent some time on the tractor raking the paddocks. He kept looking back at Norman, keeping an eye on him. At one point, he looked back to see that Norman had wandered off into the woods to where the two ponies are kept. Terry went and brought Norman back to the lawn, where he would stay out of trouble. He then went back to work, only to turn around and find Norman gone, again! He was no where to be seen - not down by the drafts, not by the ponies, not in the woods. Terry ran to the barn driveway to see if he was standing at the gate, only to find Norman back in his stall! He must have felt tired from his afternoon adventures, and went to take a nap.

Although being outdoors is definitely good for him, it is also tiresome for him. Afterward, he laid out flat in his stall, closed his eyes, and went to sleep. Each day, we will let him stay out longer and longer. I know it is building his strength, and making him happy!


  1. Don't you just love it?! Hey, I have a crazy weekend but I will email you, maybe not till Sunday...