June 19, 2009

Saving a Percheron

Our friend, Linda, spending time comforting Norman.

Two days ago, Terry brought home a Percheron from Pennsylvania that had been in training at a Menonite farm. The horse, according to the trainer, had turned up very lame in both fronts after a hard day in the field with five other horses. Founder was the likely culprit, and the horse rested for nearly a month. Not having shown any sign of recovery, his owner told Terry he didn't want him back. Terry did the only thing he possibly could: brought him to Cedar Knoll Farm.

Norman, as he is called, is a large 7 year old (18.1HH) Percheron gelding. He had his start as a PMU foal, then went to a lovely woman in Massachusetts for many years of spoiled bliss. Being a bit too much horse for her, she sold him to us and we sold him to his current owner. In time, however, his owner thought he could us a bit more training, and off he went to Pennsylvania.

Now he is here again, spending his day laying down in his box stall when he can't stand up against the pain in his front feet. He looks very thin, ("wan" being an old fashioned expression that is also appropriate), and pained. We love on him as much as we can, and it is obvious it brings him comfort.

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