June 19, 2009

Norman's Continued Saga

Terry preparing to give Norman a shot.

We had a very interesting development in Norman's progress today. Still no sign of relief from the pain in his front feet, Terry started to really investigate the hoof and its condition for the first time since the horse came up lame (not having seen the horse again until two days ago, we were going on the trainer's word as to the horse's condition). Terry dug out what appears to be numerous absesses in each hoof this afternoon! Both feet are draining puss and blood, and we are now giving him 40cc's twice daily penicilin. He is already more alert than he was two days ago, whinnying for his stablemate Raj (our mini) and eating his hay with more vigor. Of course, having changed over his hay from first cut to alfalfa made it more enticing for him. He is very thin and needs to start gaining weight to help in his recovery. Our plan of action is to continue with the MSM as well, and to pack his hooves with ichthamol and wrap them, to help draw out the infection. We are feeling considerably more hopeful for him this afternoon!

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