June 21, 2009

What is to Become of Norman?

Terry sitting with Norman after packing his feet with ichthamol and wrapping them with duct tape.

In some respects, Norman shows signs of doing better today. His temperature was down to 101.1 degrees this morning. He is in good spirits and eats while laying down. He enjoys his medicine mixed in with applesauce. In other respects, however, we continue to have grave concerns as to his outcome. He spends more and more time laying flat out on his side; he continues to lose weight. When he does stand, the pain is so obviously unbearable, he shakes. But Norman, stoic and noble, loves to be loved on, lets us prick him with needles, scrub his bed sores clean, and pack his feet with icthamol to try and draw out the infection. It looks as though our farrier won't come out until Tuesday to evaluate and/or work on Norman, as we will be required to have the vet here to tranquilize him. We watch him vigilantly day and night to keep him as comfortable as possible, to be sure he has hay within easy reach, and clean bedding to lay on. Our good friends Patty and Dale have offered to help pay for Norman's vet bills, for which we are eternally grateful. Our caring for Norman is a labor of love in purest form.


  1. Oh I could cry reading this but am thankful Norman is being cared for.... rooting for you Norman to pull thru this!