June 28, 2009

Wedding Day

Dreamy-Eyed Duke.

Saturday, June 27, was sunny, bright, and warm. We spent the good part of the morning showing a sale horse, a Belgian, to a couple from MA. His name is Billy-Bob and he is a very well broke, quiet gentleman of a draft horse. We will see if the couple decides to buy him - meanwhile, he is still for sale, rides as well as drives, so if anyone is looking for a horse...!
The rest of the morning was spent preparing for the afternoon's wedding. White horses, white vis-a-vis meant the pressure washer came out for bathing and the polish was used on the carriage. We had quite an advantage with yesterday's wedding: it was a late after noon wedding AND it was at the Vineyard, so nothing had to be loaded into the trailer. It is just one of the many reasons we enjoy the Vineyard weddings and rides. Norman also had the chance to get out of his stall before we did the wedding. His previous owner came by to see how he was, and we brought him out of his stall for a chance to stretch. He stood around the back yard, ate a little grass, then took off and went back to his stall all by himself again when he was tired. As usual, once back in his stall, he layed out flat and slept deeply.

Saturday's wedding was the first "same-sex" wedding we have done since the State of Connecticut legalized it. The couple was very lovely, and the wedding was very nice, too.

Our services for the wedding were completed by 6PM, and we made it back to the barn just in time to put the carriage away before the thunderstorm hit. Although the rain was not as torrential as it was the day before, the lightning strikes were once again in our immediate surroundings. We are very grateful we did not get stuck in the middle of it while driving the horses back from the Vineyard.

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