June 25, 2009

A Step Forward for Norman!

Terry stands with Norman outside the barn this evening. We estimate Norman has lost 250 to 300 pounds since he first foundered.

I am so excited tonight, I just had to post another blog about Norman! As you can see by the picture, Norman was given the opportunity to venture outside the barn today! Terry came home from upstate New York, took one look at him laying in his stall and said, "Norman needs to go for a little walk." Although it was tough on him, I really do think he enjoyed the sunshine (yes, I said "sunshine"), and a mouth full of grass from our lawn. It was exhausting for him, though - afterward, he lay flat out in his stall and took a nap!

Aside from his trip back up from Pennsylvania a week ago, this is the first time Norman has been out of a barn in over five weeks.

Is it possible, do you think, that this moment has given him a sense of hope, something to dream about?


  1. oh I bet that did his big equine heart a world of good!!! :)

  2. Did you read my earlier comment about hope? It is a very powerful thing! He looks thin but his spirit looks wonderful in these pictures! You guys are great!