June 22, 2009

Norman on Monday

It is Monday morning, and Norman has had his antibiotics and MSM. He was laying down when we came into the barn, but we got him up for his shot. It was obvious he had a drink of water in the night - half a bucket worth - but Norman continues to lose strength as is evident by his inability to stay standing for long. Once down, he will eat a bit if the hay is in front of him, and certainly when we feed him by hand. The combination of pain & weakness is making this journey hard on Norman, and on those of us who watch helplessly. I often wonder, standing by his side, rubbing his neck and talking softly to him, if he might be thinking to himself, "Why don't the wolves come?"

1 comment:

  1. But he has hope. Hope is a powerful think in every living thing. Every time Norman hears you coming, every time Raj's little feet clip clop, every morsel of food or drink of water gives him hope. We don't know tomorrow, but today, Norman is hopeful. And having hope in every moment has power.