June 24, 2009

Norman's Road to Recovery (Wednesday)

Norman's new shoes: set backwards with a thick pad, open at the toe to relieve the pressure and let the abscesses drain. This picture was taken yesterday when the farrier was working on his feet.

Here it is Wednesday, and Norman's day was very uneventful. That is a good thing for a foundered horse. As evident by the manure in his stall and the hay gone from his feed bag, he is alternately standing up and laying down. When he does stand, he doesn't look quite as pained as he did yesterday before his shoes were removed and the abscesses opened. He looks for his carrots (courtesy of Patty & Dale) each time I enter his stall. He is happy to eat hay out of my hands if I enter when he is laying flat. He feels a bit cooler to the touch, as well (have not taken his temp yet tonight, though).
He likes the fan blowing in his face while he drinks his water. Terry, who already has the experience of a severely foundered horse under his belt, truly feels Norman is doing just a little better today. I think he is right. But we are not out of the woods, not by a long stretch.


  1. sending restful, healing thoughts to Norman. Poor guy... I hope the upward trend continues for him and he gets some relief. Bless you!

  2. I was looking for an e-mail but didn't see one here... would you mind e-mailing me at artbysue@hotmail.com ?