July 15, 2009

Busy Day for Cedar Knoll Horses!

Some times, you just have to sit back and remember why it is that you got into an equine profession to begin with - it is the time spent with horses! Today was no exception for us, both doing a job and taking pleasure in being around our horses and other people with theirs.

The winery tour was for us, as usual, a very pleasant ride with very pleasant customers. It is, without doubt, one of our favorite offerings.

Sometimes, though, taking a much needed break from the "usual" is both refreshing physically, as well as for the soul. Such was the nature of our trail ride this morning with friends Darlene, Ashley, Mary Jane & Mike. Pachaug, the state forest in Voluntown that is very horse friendly, simply sparkled in the sunlight. All the horses were well behaved (well, "water hazards" were a bit of a challenge) and very tolerant of each other. These are the days that leave us with "remember when?...".
The view from Gillette's back - I am learning that he prefers to follow the crowd, rather than lead.

The riding party: Darlene on Q, Terry on Cyrus, Ashley on Charlie, Mike and Mary Jane on their horses.

Terry with Gillette & Cyrus, just resting.

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