July 8, 2009

Terry Cultivating with Horses

Terry spent the last three days in PA. These photos show him cultivating a menonite friend's pumpkin patch (five acres worth!). The horses are a Percheron gelding (off) and a Belgian mare (near). The Percheron is his friend's steady - the Belgian is a sale horse. Call us if interested!

Norman the foundered horse is the same, which means he gives the appearance of doing pretty good. He has a hardy appetite, drinks well, looks for carrots every morning, and nibbles on my pony tail when I muck his stall. Mike & Beth from Lisbon Country Stables visit him every day, treating his sores. They have donated some shavings for his stall, too. They have become very dedicated to Norman, which is wonderful to see. I continue to hope that the vet will utter the sounds of a miracle from his lips on Friday.

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