July 1, 2009

Norman & Other Farm Updates

Terry loving on Norman as he goes back to his stall after his "walk" on Wednesday.

Norman has recently been blessed with the attention of a lot of well-wishing people! We are so grateful to have friends who are volunteering their time to come look after Norman - cleaning and dressing his bed sores, cleaning his stall and keeping him fed and watered, and, most importantly, brushing him and massaging his sore muscles. Others have donated funds to help off-set his farrier and vet bills (so far, since bringing him back from Pennsylvania on June 17, caring for Norman has cost us over $700.00). Although it is evident that his abscesses need to be opened and drained again (something Norman obviously objects to!), he is in very good spirits and loves the attention he has been getting. Again, we want to thank EVERYONE, volunteers, those that donate, and those who offer well wishes, for all you are doing for Norman!

Meanwhile, our carriage teams need regular care as well. Our farrier, Matt Lewis, was back again today to shoe Danny, one of our Belgian/Percheron crosses.

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  1. Thanks for dinner last night. Next time its on us! Love all these pictures! Try to find time to paint - its a part of your soul.