July 27, 2009

Driving Dolly & Lincoln

Although I spent the first half of the day driving Blue Slope's horses for wagon rides through the farm, Terry and I thought it would be nice to take Dolly & Lincoln into the trails at Blue Slope this afternoon. Blue Slope Country Museum is also a dairy farm consisting of 385 acres of corn fields and woodlands. There are six miles of carriage trails (many of which Terry helped to make) and it is a wonderful place to exercise horses away from street traffic. Could not have asked for a more beautiful summer evening!

Photos: Top: Me driving up through lot 11.
Middle: Ernie, Blue Slope's owner, called Terry on his cell while we were in the woods - his tractor was broke down in the back corn fields and needed parts. We drove the horses back down to the work shop, got what we needed, then climbed the hill and nearly swam through flooded fields to rescue Ernie!
Bottom: Terry, on our way back down again.

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  1. You see, I said tonight, do we really need vehicles that need gas/diesel? Ok, maybe an ambulance or two and a couple of big trucks. I'd be happy going back to the "old days!" Anne