July 22, 2009

Dolly is Back!

Dolly, our black Percheron mare, is back from New Hampshire, where she has been the last month to be bred! She looks fantastic, and she took to her old paddock with Danny & Dakota like she had never left our farm. We are excited to have her back, and we will start working her again tomorrow. Meanwhile, the three horses mentioned in the previous blog have sold to the same farm up in New Hampshire.

We had the chance to see, and photograph, our momma deer and her baby this evening while feeding. (I don't have a CLUE what the blue mark is above the doe's head!)

Speaking of does: our Nigerian goat, the one that ate a poisonous plant and has been sick the last few days, seems to be coming around again. She is eating a little, and looks more alert. She had been bred a few months ago, but I have concerns she may abort. Time will tell, but meanwhile she is by herself in a box stall, staying warm, dry and comfortable.

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