July 18, 2009

Logging with Horses

The afternoon shaped up to be a busy one after the morning chores and the farrier's visit. We took the kids to Buttonwoods to see the "Sunflowers for Wishes" and, in spite of our disappointment that they were developmentally behind in growth this year and not in bloom, enjoyed the ice cream tremendously. When we got back I saddled up Gillette and took him across the street into the woods, to take a look at the condition of the logging road and the logs that were cut for us to move this weekend. Terry later took Duke out bareback, then we harnessed Duke & Diesel and logged with them. Tomorrow will be another very busy day with logging and a winery tour late in the afternoon.

Photos: Top & Middle: Terry moves a long log with Duke & Diesel up to our wood pile behind the house.

Bottom: Danny & Dakota, after a rambunctious gallop, investigate the noisy tree trunk following Duke & Diesel.

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  1. I'm really enjoying this blog - great pictures!