July 17, 2009

Schooling for Alice the Donkey

We had the chance to stop by and visit our friends at Blue Hill Heritage Farm today. The donkey we sold them, Alice, is doing very, very well! She obviously feels right at home with the many other donkeys at the farm, and is even being taught to "coon jump"! John & Melissa, the owners of the farm, will be training her to harness soon. We are so happy that Alice is with them, as we know she is happy and will live up to her full potential there!

Earlier today we drove Blue Slope's girls to the 4-H camp down the road. We needed to test their response to a very large and noisy water fountain in the camp's pond. We will be doing a "mock" wedding with them next Wednesday and didn't want any unpleasant surprises. We have confidence they will be good girls.

This weekend a film crew will come to Cedar Knoll Farm to film us working our horses for a documentary. We will be sure to let our followers know how things go afterward.

John from Blue Hill Heritage farm is shown here with one of his very well behaved driving donkeys.

Pictured below: Alice has befriended the farm's youngest donkey, a 4 month old jack.

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