July 3, 2009

Devastating News

Sweet Norman, getting a massage from equine massage therapist Rachel Broadwell (left) and friend Beth Hoch. Rachel was kind enough to stop by tonight to help relieve Norman's sore muscles. It was obvious that Norman enjoyed it! If you have an equine friend who would benefit from a massage or Reiki treatment, you can reach Rachel at rachelbroadwell@yahoo.com.

What I would like to know is this: how can a horse be so stoic as to give the impression of doing BETTER, only to suddenly take a turn for the worse? While Rachel, Beth & Mike were here again tonight, Norman suddenly started to bleed from the right front foot. We put him in the stocks, only to discover that his right front coffin bone has pierced through the sole of his foot. We are simply devastated by this sudden downturn. It is the holiday weekend and we will have to wait until Monday to call in the vet. At this point, unless the vet tells us otherwise, it looks as though we may have to put Norman down. We just don't want him to suffer needlessly. Meanwhile, so many people are praying for Norman, and we are touched by this out-pouring of care and concern. I know that I, personally, never dreamed this ordeal would be so taxing, and strangely so rewarding. People are truly very good, and generous. No matter what the outcome for Norman: THANK YOU.

Norman walked very willingly into the stocks tonight. Terry and Mike use a soft cotton rope to lift his right leg to inspect the sole, and he had very little trouble holding his weight on his left foot. The pinkish spot at the toe in the picture at right shows his coffin bone coming through on the right foot (as an earlier blog explains, the farrier put the shoes on backwards to take the pressure off the toes).

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