July 2, 2009

Norman's Friends

Norman with two new friends, Mike Buddington & Beth Hoch. Beth does a wonderful job cleaning & dressing Norman's bed sores, while Mike has plans to help Norman's abscesses drain better.

We had another very busy day at Cedar Knoll Farm today. Besides the usual chores, we had quite a few visitors here, some to try harnesses, some to pick up their grain orders, others to help take care of Norman.

Although the day started off with torrential downpours and loud cracks of thunder (see blog below), the afternoon turned off sunny and hot. We took Norman out for a short time to exercise his legs and lift his spirit. What a difference a day makes! Although it is still a struggle for him, he walks so much better, and feels so much more confident. After taking off his halter and letting him wander the back yard alone, customers came with their horse to try on a harness. When the horse was tied to the hitching rail, Norman hollered to him and began making his way over to him. We had to intervene, however, since this was a strange horse and Norman wouldn't be able to get away soon enough if the other horse were to kick. Later in the evening, Beth, Mike, and their friend Amy came by to help out with Norman. It is so wonderful to have people here who are so genuinely concerned with him, and so helpful!

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